Below you will find several frequently asked questions and answers to important topics.  If you have additional questions please feel free to email or call to discuss further.

No matter your line of work or lifestyle, there will be stressors. Issues with a boss or coworker, managing finances, or just having too much on your plate will affect your health and well-being. My practice offers personal, private, and confidential sessions whether online or in-person. With my training and experience, I’ll help guide you to that next chapter in your life or get you back on the right path.

Each coaching session is one hour in length. The duration of the coaching process will vary with the client’s goal(s). Short-term goals may be achieved in a few sessions whereas a more complex or detailed goal may take longer.

My practice operates by appointment. You can reach out to me via phone or email. I see clients in person or online weekdays, evenings, and on Saturdays as required. I’ll attempt to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.  

All conversations either in person or online are held in strict confidence. While coaches are not bound by HIPAA regulations, I have chosen to observe full HIPAA compliance with your information for both ethical reasons and because I’m a licensed Registered Nurse professional.

First, you’re not alone. These are normal feelings that can be overwhelming at times. I teach and coach recently-graduated professionals and guide them through this period. I know what you’re going through first-hand and will share techniques and strategies that will ease your concerns.

I have a system that will help you get organized and safely manage that workload – giving you more time to do the things you enjoy!

No. Any error or near miss in your professional practice should be reported directly to your supervisor or as your agency dictates. I function as a support person only.