Health & Wellness

When we feel overwhelmed and consumed with our lives, we end up losing our ability to take care of ourselves. This impacts our overall health and wellness. Have you found yourself waiting in line at the local fast food joint or running into the convenience store for another hit of caffeine? Before you know it, your body is paying a price for convenience and becomes sluggish and draining. Do you:

  • Have health concerns that are bringing you down
  • Struggle balancing work, life and family
  • Plod through the day doing the same mundane things and feeling unfulfilled
  • Have an unhealthy weight
  • Struggle with smoking despite knowing it’s unhealthy
  • Have a poor diet and do you know how to modify it safely

Consider this — would you be willing to follow a plan on how to assess your diet, learn how to refuel, reload and rejuvenate yourself?  Imagine going through your day without feeling exhausted and needing to rely on a vice to feel happy.  Go forward knowing that you are living a healthy life and reaching your fullest potential.  Together through our coaching sessions, we will identify dangerous eating patterns, unhealthy habits and help you reach a better understanding of nutrition and wellness.

I use my experience as a Registered Nurse and Wellness educator to support you through this life change.  Sometimes we need someone in our corner to hold us accountable so we don’t feel alone. I too struggled with a nicotine addiction for more than 20 years — smoking three packs of cigarettes per day.  But guess what?  I quit.  My energy level and breathing improved almost immediately upon quitting. 

I am trained in mindfulness, stress reduction, growing healthy relationships, self-reflection, and most importantly — work and life balance! When you are ready to make these life changes, please feel free to reach out at