Healthcare Professionals

Are you a nursing student or new graduate nurse? Are you scared of making mistakes and hurting a patient? Medication errors are common with new graduates. According to current studies, 75% of new nurses will make a medication error in their first year of practice.

Are you struggling with fitting in on the unit or feeling disconnected? Getting your charting and interventions completed on time? Are you constantly staying later than others because of poor time management? Well, you’re not alone! Nursing practice and critical thinking develops with proper planning and support by a coach who knows the nursing field. The barriers in healthcare are system wide. Doing “more with less” is the new mantra. EMTs, paramedics, medical assistants, laboratory techs, phlebotomists, radiology staff and other ancillary healthcare professionals feel the same stressors. Time management, high patient acuity, long hours, and ridiculous staffing ratios are commonplace.

It is possible to work in the healthcare industry and love your job.  You can walk into work with confidence and poise knowing that you are doing the right thing.  You can learn how to successfully manage your time and set boundaries with your work.

Drew has trained and taught in many nursing specialties: Medical/surgical, oncology, palliative care, private practice, long term care and the Emergency Department. He’s made mistakes and learned from them. He understands what being a new grad feels like – he taught RN interns for more than 10 years. He also knows how to help you through this maze of information, technology, and crisis.

Are you an experienced clinician who is experiencing these same challenges? Call or email me and together we will create a plan to help you navigate through these rewarding professions!