Life Coaching

The term “coaching”  refers to guiding and helping a person achieve their future goals. There are many situations in life that arise where additional support and insight are required to move toward personal goals or achieve a higher level of performance. The profession is built on addressing the personal needs of the client. Some of the goals addressed might be improving one’s financial status, graduating college, losing weight, developing business skills, handling work related conflict, reducing stress or improving the client’s health and wellness. Life coaches may address the client’s spirituality issues and guide them in a particular path.

Coaching sessions generally focus on setting goals, prioritizing those goals, and navigating through the negative thinking that prevents the client from achieving those goals. Your coach will listen and offer clear, intuitive guidance, drawing from their training.

Do you feel stuck in a rut and feel that you’re just spinning your wheels each day? Is you life matching your dreams? Are you failing at work, school or life in general? It’s easy to see and feel failure with life’s everyday challenges and stressors. Motivation to make changes will make goals that seem impossible possible! Drew will give you the guidance and direction you need to move towards a positive path and achieve the things you want and like to do! He will re-energize you and increase the confidence that you’ll need to hit those goals and start your “new” life.

Imagine how different your life would be with having a supportive and experienced coach with you at each step of your journey. Reach out to me by phone or email and let’s get started!