Online Coaching

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Drew operates a traditional life and health coaching practice in Bennington, Vermont. For those clients that live nearby, attending in-person sessions is relatively easy. However, for out-of-town clients and those in other states, online coaching works as well if not better for them. In many areas such as Vermont, access to qualified coaching services and specialists may be limited. He utilizes the HIPAA-compliant Zoom conferencing platform. All you need is an Internet connection and your computer. Clients can talk with Drew from the comfort of their home as there is no travel component (especially in inclement weather), it’s easy to schedule a session and you won’t need a babysitter.

Speaking with a life coach with this level of privacy allows Drew to dig deeper into barriers and issues you feel are important without others knowing about it. This online coaching option has been in place nationally for years and is a viable alternative for many of my clients.

Your active lifestyle can easily include coaching with Drew. He can speak with you anywhere you are: traveling, at work, commuting or lying on the beach. He will meet clients where they are… this flexibility is the beauty of coaching online!

Whether coaching takes place in-person or online, Drew utilizes effective, evidence-based techniques that will get you results. He will help you create action plans that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. This S-M-A-R-T approach is a proven method to keep you moving positively and effectively towards your personal and professional goals.