The Benefits of Daily Journaling

The Benefits of Maintaining a Daily Journal


Drew Totten, MS, BSc, RN, CPC

Journal-keeping is one of the most effective ways to organize your thoughts and record the essential insights you’ve learned from all your day-to-day experiences. To many people, the difficult part about becoming educated, settings goals, and getting things done is keeping track of all the new knowledge pouring in. You see, while some types of knowledge are immediately applicable (such as technical information), others need a bit more time to stew in the mind before they become beneficial. This is the reason you need to be able to quiet your mind and really think about some ideas before they make complete sense to you and what you’re trying to do now. With a personal journal, you will be able to:

1. Reflect on the day’s events and write down insights that you’ve gained from your most recent experiences.

2. Record important realizations about your current endeavor, as well as burning questions that you may want to tackle later to make all your work processes smoother and more effective.

3. Take care of your inner critic by writing down the negative thoughts you’ve been having. Your inner critic is an expert in making you feel down and depressed. This power over you disappears the moment you begin writing down the irrational things that you think about through your inner critic. Like a mechanic, I want you to take apart those negative assumptions, beliefs, and ideas so you can prove to yourself that they do not deserve any space in your life at all.

4. My personal favorite is creating blueprints. I want you to be able to plan and prepare for using your new journal. Of course, countless folks plan without using a journal – but, a journal can make you more creative and, in the end, this added creativity will help you create better solutions to your life’s challenges.

5. Journaling also helps you move forward. If you feel stuck and uninspired, why not write in your journal? That should help kickstart your challenge-solving mode quickly. My practice of Life Coaching focuses on you. You are the most important person – not me, your neighbor, your boss, or your family members.

6.  This journal is personal. It’s yours and yours alone. You will choose to share it or keep it entirely to yourself. My initial suggestion is to keep it private. My reasoning behind this is if you feel that someone might by happenstance stumble upon it, you will be less likely to write, and in many cases, forget about it altogether. Not a good option!

7.  Another benefit of journaling is tracking your progress and professional development. You will likely notice over time that you have accomplished much, and it might not have felt like it. See… you’re getting used to becoming organized and are growing in ways you might not have thought possible.

8.  One quick tip. Do you use a list to track your tasks of the day and create a record for those not yet completed? Try it. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment using lists. This is another way to build and grow even if it might be “baby steps.” These small steps are how we achieve goals. One task at a time – one day at a time.

I hope this short article was helpful to you. As part of my practice, I ask my clients to complete a daily journal. Many state that it has helped them tremendously. One day at a time is all it takes!

Lastly, remember that I’m here to help. If I can be of assistance, email me at  or call 802-855-7850 for a private in-person or online appointment. I’d be happy to work with you on your journey to success and improved well-being!

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